Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Career Night and New Scarf

Attended a local Career Night event last night. Only employees were for either temps or part time jobs.
I did get some interview tips. I always have problems with the typical "Why you/Why us" questions. One speaker gave a lot of good hints and ideas of how to practice my answers.
Since the Career Night began before I got out of work, I took 4 hours vacation and came home early to get some knitting in before the meeting.
Since I had finished 2 projects this past weekend, both the Lillie sweater (and oops, forgot to get a finished picture of that one.) and my steering wheel cover--Wheelie, I felt not one bit guilty in starting a new Shape-It scarf. I love this Sally Melville pattern, and have 2 already. This one is a luscious pale pink, in a new yarn that has a touch of angora. Yummy and so soft.

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