Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cough, Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze

Well it was bound to happen, living with a house full of sneezing, coughing men. I came down with the crawling crud. Thanks in no doubt to my regime of vitamins I have a much lighter dose. But I still say, thank the good Lord for Sudefed and Musinex. I have managed to keep my could somewhat at pay. And, I also want to give a shout out to Vicks scented Puffs Plus. The Vicks gives head a good jolt and the plus part means that even though I have been blowing my nose unashamedly all day, it feels soft and painless. I have selfishly been hiding them from my family who thinks it takes 5 tissues to blow their nose. I can't see wasting the money since they are a lower count box.
With the cold there hasn't been a lot of knitting done. I have been working on the pink shape it scarf at home and my yellow striped Arbor Yarn socks, in parakeet colorway. I have been setting them aside for over a year while finishing 2 other pairs, in a red/fuchsia/orange hand paint by either Lorna's Lace or Brown Sheep. (I forget which), as well as a deep red/wine/mauve pair in Arbor Yarns Cherry Festival colorway. I guess you can tell yellow is not my favorite color. It has a mint green and apricot splashes that are spiraling around the yellow and now that one sock is done, I am determined not to abandon it for the next pair. That is already on the needles, because I wanted to try out my Knit Picks Harmony DPs. This is a potluck blue/green jewel toned sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill that I can't wait to get on with. So, I guess the yellow sock must keep on slogging along.

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