Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Warm Winter Equals Lots of Wood

We heat the old homestead with an outdoor wood boiler. It is wonderful and I like that all the fire is outside. After last year, when we bought extra during the winter, Hubby was worried we would run out this year. He got the usual supply of long poles to be cut up and stacked. He also took some in payment for renting out our young bull last fall. Later a co-worker of Younger Son had a big pile of cut wood that he delivered for us. And still later, Hubby bought another five chords of poles.

And now? Well, have a look.

The original pile is on the left. The later delivered poles are on the right. Back towards horse trailer is the bull swap wood. And the pile of cut wood is behind me, barely used. Unseen, in back of the left pile is some stacked cut wood from several years ago. Not to mention an ancient stack in the barn. I think we had plenty.

I hope this coming year he cuts it earlier, instead of cutting as he goes along. Younger Son is willing now that it is warmer to cut some. But Hubby always was a last minute cutter. Even after the January he ended up in the hospital suddenly, for surgery, over 25 years ago, he still gets the wood early, but doesn't cut until ready to use.

Obviously this year at least some wood will need to be cut ahead. If he ever wants access to the drive this is sitting in that is.

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