Thursday, March 17, 2016

Productive Days

I have been making great strides on the decrease rows of the Baby Hap Shawl. After frogging back a couple inches a few days ago, I have continued several more inches. I also spent some time working on my Smocked Guernsey socks.

Not much more and I can start the heel. I need to double check the pattern. I think it is a heel flap type of heel. Then the smocking continues on the instep until just before the toes.

I also need to get started on a Traveling Woman shawl for my road trip buddy. She needs it for a cruise in July. It is next in the queue and will started soon. Maybe I can give her back the two skeins she didn't wind so she can cake them. Sounds like a plan to me.

All our feral barn cats made it through the winter just fine. They know how to get into the dirt floored basement, where it is quite warn. One recent rehoused cat, Gina Kitty, has been earning her keep I noticed the other day.

I saw her with a freshly caught mouse or mole the other morning. Since she later was munching it, I assume it was a mouse. Our cat crew never seem to care for the taste of the moles they catch.

And did you notice? Some of the wood is getting cut. And Younger Son has taken a couple vacation days and has plans to cut some more this weekend.

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