Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Turning the Corner

Since the Crocheted Sampler Scarf is finished, I thought I better turn to some languishing projects, just so I don't forget where I am with them. I'll get an updated picture of the scarf after I finish the mitts.
This is the Baby Hap Shawl that is officially for the Purple Princess. The center is essentially an oversized knit dishcloth, with loops along the sides. I had recently started the decrease rows. When I picked it up today, I was not happy with the edges on the decreased rows. So I frogged back an inch or so. But before I did, I ran a life line through the stitches on about the row where I thought I needed to return.
This is after picking up the stitches from the lifeline and knitting several rows.

The corner is defined better. I think I figured out the problem. And the best thing, the ongoing rows get progressively shorter, till I get down to two stitches from 144.


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