Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finding Family

What a great day Monday.

I and a cousin went to a local history museum near the area where a lot of our common ancestors lived. Normally they aren't open on Mondays, but she when was there in Saturday the lady said she would let us in to do research in their archives--obituaries, cemetery records, books and death certificates.

I do love a good old-time obituary. They were so detailed and personable. That was where I spent most of my time studying.

I was delighted by one finding. I had been wondering about my Great Granny Hurley's family. They were my nearest immigrant family, from Ireland. I often wondered if they were Catholic or not. I kind of assumed they were, but wasn't sure.

I only found two Hurley names from my tree. And they didn't mention the services. Most of the others were too recent to be in my tree. However....all the Hurley obituaries that were found, had the funeral services at .... St Patrick's Catholic Church, in Parnell. I feel my chances of being right are stronger. And so close to St Patrick's day.

And now we have another cemetery to explore.

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