Monday, March 28, 2016

Other Weekend Highlights

I posted on my other blog, The Continuous Journey, about my serious side of Easter. There was also candy, and some little presents for the grandkids. And maybe some chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate.....What happened to the yolk in the Cadbury Easter Egg? It got scrambled in the shell! Most disappointing.

There was also knitting. I worked some on Sandy's Traveling Woman shawl, but, for a break, I went back to the Guernsey Smocked Socks.

I was close to the length of the leg, so busted through and completed the heel.

The pattern for heel was different than any I had done before. It had a wider heel than I normally turn. And I never did figure out her needle placement. But I presevered and I think am doing ok. With my standard needle placement. I am taking the foot down to either 64 or even 60 stitches for the foot. But clear sailing for a while anyway.

Then the second sock looms.

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