Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ice and Knitting

The slop and slush of yesterday continued overnight and continued on into the day. It froze good and solid.

We had about a quarter to half an inch of ice on the post and porch rail.

But through it all, our power stayed on. It did flicker once so quick I didn't even need to reset the clocks.

With all the area schools closed, that meant no Bible Study. So I knit.

I have been trying to finish the center portion of the Baby Hap Shawl. As I neared the corner of the decrease section, I spread it out to check the size. I think it will work out well. Especially since there are two borders to be added yet.

It was just a short sprint from there to the end. I have two stitches on hold with only a couple yards of yarn left. Good place to put it in time out while I get started on Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl. Swatching has already been done. So I can start right in with the garter tab.

And work on socks in between. My Guernsey Smocked Sock is almost ready for the heel flap.

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