Saturday, March 19, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

What with the Board of Review, Bible Study, Little Farmer and all, this has been a very busy week.

This is the week my check comes and with the help of on-line bill pay, I did manage to get my payments sent out. But I couldn't decide when to get groceries. So, much as I wanted a recovery sleep in day, I got up semi-early and went to Muskegon for groceries. I would have gotten them locally, but Meijers was out of my coffee last month. The replacement I got was fair, but not my Meijer Columbian.

I was able to get my groceries and even found a bookcase I had been looking for. And home just in time to make the Saturday edition of Palm Sunday services, even if I did miss the Rosary.

No this isn't a current picture, but from a couple years back. For some reason a stray daffodil bulb landed in the hay field and has come up every year. While we don't have blooms yet, the leaves from the other patches are coming in great bunches.

Just in time for spring tomorrow.

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