Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Knitting and Waiting

I am still waiting for my check so I can pick up my new car. I was told on Friday it would be processed that day and in the mail the next. However, as I confirmed when getting our taxes done, because of that next day being Saturday, it would not go out until Monday. Not until Sunday did I again realize that there would be no mail then either due to ML King Day.
Needless to say I am still waiting. However, Hubby got the truck fixed today, so I can borrow that for Bible Study tomorrow. But I really want my car.
But I have been knitting right along too. I cast off the left front of the Green Flowy Cardigan and immediately cast on for the right. I also transcribed the pattern, writing out the reversed directions for the right side. I think I am good to go until I get to the sleeves. But that will be a while.
You can see the place where I cast off the front seed stitch panel. That is supposed to be the flowy part.
In between the cardigan knitting I also finished my St. Benedict cowl. Out of alpaca and bamboo yarn, it is the first finished object for 2015.
I needed some mindless knitting while stressing out over my car, and to take to annual meeting at church. Easy relaxing free pattern that knits up quickly, what could be better?
Unless its is another made out of homespun? Time to go stash diving.
I am sure I can find something.

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