Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Yarn Crisis

Yes, there is such a thing.

And not just a case of not having yarn to start a new project, but even worse. Yarn barf.

At least that is what it looked like.

One of our knitters at Knit Nite is making a cowl out of some really cool artsy yarn. It is made of long lengths of yarns of various fibers and textures, knotted together in dark shades of gold, red and black. It had been wound into a cake and she was knitting from the center. In retrospect, possibly not the best end to choose. Because tonight, after being about half way through the cake of yarn, the middle fell out.

Literally fell out. And it continued to roll and toss itself around. As the two main portions were rescued, it did not look good. If she had not been among knitters, it may have been curtains for that cowl.

However, a couple of us picked it up, found the outside end and started to tame the chaos. We had anywhere from two to six hands working in the tangled mess, but over two hours later (and more than an hour later than our usual closing time) we had it back wound into a round ball.

Whew! I would show you pictures, but my hands were busy untangling and unable to handle the camera.

So instead, here is a picture of Leo enjoying his favorite napping place.....clean laundry.

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