Sunday, January 11, 2015

That Time of Year

Tax time.  Yuck.  The least popular time of the year.  At least we had some snow to keep things interesting.
But I spent some time last week, and all afternoon today sorting through the various papers and forms and entering the information in my data spreadsheet form.  I have been using and tweaking the same for for years.  Probably since I've had a computer. But it works and means I seldom have to come back in with additional paper work.
Well except for the W-2s and such that never seem to arrive until the last possible moment.  Since our appointment is this Saturday, I am sure they won't be here on time.
That has put a damper on the knitting.  But yesterday I was nearing the end of the first one pound ball.
Since then I have started the next ball, as well as begun the armhole shaping.   Only about 9 more inches until I can cast off and start the right front.  But fewer stitches.
And so far I have been good and not cast on anything else.  But that cowl I had started before is looking very tempting.

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