Saturday, January 3, 2015

Into the Year.

The new year is going strong. The weather is more like winter with snow and greasy roads. Good knitting weather. The Green Flowy left front is coming along well. The cable pattern is great for helping mark progress. No black hole on this piece. I figure I am more than a third of the way from the seed stitch bottom to arm hole shaping.

This photo shows just over two complete pattern repeats.

I took advantage of the nice weather and good driving yesterday to visit a couple friends. My good friend and former boss (twice) met together over lunch. In the past year since I lost my job we haven't been able to meet very often. Now that she is also unemployed we made plans to meet monthly so we can keep on top of things. She talked about her life and I shared baby pictures. We may just venture to a few fiber events this year too. We also need to meet so I can help her warp her loom. I warned her that I've only done rigid heddle and she has a harness loom. But the two musketeers are ready for the challenge.

After barely getting home I was asked if I could meet with another friend. I am making Green Flowy for her friend. And since, before starting the sweater, I had purchased some Lambs Pride in nearly the same shade of green. I knew I would never make a sweater out of that after finishing Green Flowy so she traded stash with me. A quick trip to meet her and good bye Limestone yarn, hello Bing Cherry. Much more me.

And very different from the Scottish Hillside used for Green Flowy. Yea!

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