Friday, January 16, 2015

Cars Can Be a Pain

What a week this has been. And the car has been the critical factor.

Earlier this week, when the outdoor temperature was running about a minus 15 degrees or so, I was heading to pick up Younger Son from work in the early morning. The car wasn't heating very well but I figured it was just because it was soooo cold outside. That's when I noticed the temp gauge was heading up.

I made it to Son's work and we stopped at a gas station for antifreeze. Later I picked up some spare antifreeze to keep on hand. At Son's suggestion I scheduled a radiator flush. In hindsight, maybe such not a good idea.

After the flush, on yesterday, I merrily went to Bible Study. And later, lunch with my aunt in the next town again. Then back to do some shopping. After a quick stop at Older Son's house, I headed home.

But the heat died out. And the heat gauge was heading toward red.

Back to the mechanic's for the bad news. A blown head gasket. Yikes. I kind of even know what that is and it isn't good.

The mechanic filled the radiator back up so I could drive it home and then it was time to do some thinking. It didn't seem worthwhile to pour anywhere from $800 to $1000 (or more, depending on what they found) on a 14 year old car. Because who knew what could be next.

So today I checked out the local dealers inventory, car fax reports, and even Craigslist and Facebook. I juggled figures and put a deposit on this:

Sort of a cross between a station wagon and an SUV. A Chevrolet HHR, which when asking was told stands for Heritage High Roof. I know many people think they are ugly (my son for one), I kind of like the looks of it. I just have to wait for my check so I can finish paying for it and bring it home. Probably in about a week or so

And I've always been a sucker for blue cars. I think I will name it Hharry.

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