Friday, January 23, 2015

Mending, and Waiting

I have been lost lately, between no car and missing my fingerless mitts.  The car issue is that I am still waiting for that check to come so I can pay for it.  And because I have no car, I guess I am not lost.  Without a car, Hubby knows where to find me.  Except now that his truck is fixed, I can at least borrow it for church.  Hopefully the check will come soon.
I had also been missing my fingerless gloves.  I have been wearing them even in the coldest weather when I go out, especially while driving.  (Although, see above, that hasn't been much of an issue lately.)  But I had recently notice a hole near the cuff of one.  How that got there I have no idea.
Not much, but big enough that I didnt' want it to grow any more.  So today I finally dug out the left over yarn from the worsted tub in the stash.  It wasn't that hard to find because of the tubs I had separated the different weights of yarn into this past summer.
Next I picked up the stitches just below the hole, but above the purl ridge.
I also took another yarn and roughly darned the hole closed.  That would save the loose stitches I could see from running, as well as avoid having my fingers poke into the hole when I put them on.
 I planned on taking a couple pictures during the process, but I got carried away.  It went so quickly, that before I knew it, I was done.
I left the one yarn tale from darning to have a tale left to sew up with.  I joined a new yarn at the bottom and knit up a flap a few rows longer than the hole.  I cut a long tale and sort of grafted the live stitches to the mitt.  Then I took that yarn and continued sewing down one side.  The darning tale was used to sew down the other side.  It left a bit of a lump, but over all, I am very happy with the save.  I will probably need to knit up a new pair or two this summer, but for now, I am good to go.
And fingerless mitts would be a good summer project to work on when it is a bit warm to be working on long sweaters.
As though I need any more ideas for projects to work on.  I did cast on a pair of socks recently too after ripping out a half finished sock.  I may frog these as well and start over.  The main reason I am considering frogging them was that the last couple pairs I made felt loose while being worn.  I thought it may be the yarn wasn't as bouncy, but considering that I do have some problems with arthritis, my tension may be weakening on the tiny needles.  I really don't want to try using size 0, so maybe I should restart with a bit fewer stitches.  The yarn I am using are from another frogged pair, so I don't want to play with it too much.
Yup.  I think I am pulling out the needles on that tonight.

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