Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waves of Blue and Purple

The knitting continues on my Happy Vest. I love the ripples of color in Feather and Fan/Old Shale pattern.

I find that I have already hit the black hole on this project. It is long enough now that you cannot see that you are making any progress. Because of the scallops it measures a maximum of 13 inches and a minimum length of 11 1/2 inches. Lizzie consented to model the vest late yesterday. The length is a bit longer than pictured here.

At least that means I am almost half way through the back. The pattern calls for 33 inches, but I am going to only knit to about 27 inches or so. And then the front will also be knit to the same length. The pattern has the front about six inches shorter than the back. But I think that I will make them even.

After all, the distance from shoulder to waist is longer in front than in back, thanks to the "girls."


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