Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am finally finishing my "morning" coffee. Ahhhhh!

My mammogram was scheduled today. And of course, there is no caffeine allowed before hand. I almost fell asleep in the waiting room, while knitting. And that isn't easy in those hard oversized chairs. (The seat is hard and lumpy. And too deep and tall. My feet dangle off the floor. Couldn't they have picked at least a few smaller chairs for the Women's Health Center?). And with the lack of coffee I gave them the wrong birthdate. Lack of coffee, I swear!

I am doing much better after my coffee.

While watching "They Died With Their Boots On"* last evening, I switched out the threads holding the sleeve stitches on my Duchess of Cambridge Featherweight. With longer threads I could try it on. I was happy to see that it fit fairly well.

The original pattern that I had purchased had to be up sized. I recalculated and had knit quite a bit before a new version came out with larger sizes. So I tweaked the pattern to those stitch counts. Then out came a new version. It seemed that the second version needed adjustments to the sleeves. I'm not quite sure where I am now.

But I know I know I need couple more inches before the ribbing starts.

* I never realized I hadn't seen this movie. In my mind it was confused with a different movie that involved West Point cadets and the Civil War. I think Ron Reagan and Error Flynn were in it. Anyone know what that movie was? I think what it is.

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