Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Planting Potatoes, Take Two

I mentioned a few days ago on FaceBook that Hubby and I had covered our potato plants with some sack and were all ready for the possible freeze.
Well it froze. Look closely to the left of those two orange stakes. You can see the green leaves of the plant next to the right stake.

However, next to the left stake are only some curled up brown leaves. Just a day or two before the last of our 38 plants had broken through the surface. And despite the covering, about half were hit by the frost.

So last night Hubby and I replanted. And luckily we didn't even need to buy more seed potatoes. Since I had half a bag of rather straggly potatoes, I was able to provide some replacements. And more were furnished from a friend with a similar bag of potatoes.

That said, we have replanted, and hopefully these will survive. And a motley assortment we have, with half Yukon Gold, a quarter russets, and the rest white mystery potatoes.

And across the garden, possibly two sweet potatoes that survived uncovered!

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