Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Night, Another Movie

Who knew there were three movies based on the novel The Maltese Falcon? I didn't anyway. The second version is a looser adaptation than the classic 1941 version with Bogart. Those are both on too late tonight for me to watch them. Especially since I have to work tomorrow.

But I did get to catch the original version of the story earlier this evening. Filmed in 1931, I had never seen it before. It apparently is the most faithful to Hammett's novel. And it is a pre-code era movie. Pre-code movies are the best. Too racy for their time, they would be a mild PG-13 now. And it was very evident this was pre-code.

This earlier, more faithful rendition of the movie cleared up a lot of things that Bogey's version left me confused about. Miss Wonderly did sleep with Sam. And at the end, Wilmer shot and killed and Cairo. And the ending is a bit later than in the '41 version.

I always enjoy watching different versions of the same movie. Especially when some of the dialogue is the same. And it is fun watching for the differences as well.

The best part tonight was that I got to see the whole thing. I guess I grumbled enough about missing the ending last night, that we didn't go out to plant beans until after it finished. Barely finished, but finished nonetheless.

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