Saturday, June 22, 2013

Craving Strawberries

I would almost kill for fresh strawberry shortcake right now. Or a warm from the sun, slightly sandy big old strawberry, right from the plant. Yum.

That's right, I am craving strawberries.

I think I may have mentioned how, after seeing in the local buyers guide that my favorite berry patch was open, I was foiled last Monday by a "closed for season" sign. It was too warm today for me to try to pick some so I headed out to the highly touted farmers market in town.

Despite all the press I have seen on it lately, it doesn't open till July. Drat.

To fully appreciate my craving you must understand that last year there were no local berries to be had, thanks to the early heat wave, followed by seasonable frosts. And in the few years previous, the berries always ripened in times that did not correspond to paydays. I don't like imported berries from out of the country, or even out of state. Usually picked before really ripe, those are too hard and flavorless. So I only buy them in season, when I can find them.

It looks like another berry-less year.

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