Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Traits

I find family traits interesting. Sometimes you suddenly see things that have been right in front of you that you've never noticed before.

My younger son looks remarkably like a picture of Hubby's grandfather at about the same age. That is if you chopped off some of his hair and scruffy whiskers. That is him below, in the front row, with his young wife, tall, lean and lanky.

My other son is built more like my father, who I posted about last week, not so tall, but muscular.

And recently I have discovered a family trait of my own. While looking at some old pictures, I noticed my fat chubby hands with stubby fingers at the end of my grandma's arms!

So I guess it is fitting that it was Grandma who taught me to do different kinds of needlework. After all, I have her hands!


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