Friday, April 29, 2011

Yup, I Watched It

Up at 3:50, dressed and in front of the tv, with my featherweight sweater, and a pot of coffee brewing, I was there. At least in spirit, I was in London, the land of so many of my ancestors.
Loved the dress, the look on their faces, and the cheers from outside the Abbey. And I really loved the hats. I almost got out the one I wore when our British priest got married. But I thought the veil would obscure my view.
I also got several rows of mindless knitting done on my blue featherweight cardigan, hereafter renamed the Dutchess of Cambridge sweater, in honor of the bride.
I may spend the day with it, before starting Betty's jacket.
After all, TCM is showing Royal Wedding tonight. Great way to cap the day.
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