Friday, April 29, 2011

Weather Blues--Lake Hagen Returns

It is no secret that I like snow, and frankly, I have enjoyed the recent snows.  And this week was typical of why I like snow better than the rain.   In the snow you can stay dry, but not in this week's rain.
Or should I say floods?  While we were blessed in not having the severe weather that raced through the South yesterday, or even the F0 tornado that tore through Allegan county Tuesday, we did get the rain.
Enter Lake Hagen.
Since the pasture had finally dried out, we had let a couple of the cattle out last weekend.  (An adventure in itself involving cattle chases, a steer in the road, and replacing 2 posts and restringing two sides of barbed wire.)  (That steer will be spending the summer in the barn.  But he does have a pen with a pasture view.)
The above shot is another view of the pasture, with the garden and some of the driveway thrown in for good measure.  The cat in the foreground was enjoying a chance to breathe dry air.
And this is  the main path from house to the barn, and also where Hubby usually parks his truck.  He's parking by the back door again now. 
And don't let those blue skies in the last two pictures fool you.  There is still rain in the forecaste, although the water has receded a bit.

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