Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Rose Triangle

I have been doing a lot of knitting on the Red Roses Triangle this past couple of weeks.  And with the new yarn for Betty's jacket ready for me to start knitting that, I tried to spend some quality time on the shawl.  It is not a good travel project or a pick up anytime project.
The top edge of the shaw is the bottom of the picture,  The needle is too short to stretch it all out, so I bunched up one half to try to show one full half.  There is also lots of stretch in the shawl, barely stretched out each half is about 20 inches, and I am only about half through the first ball of the cormo/silk handspun.
I am getting the hang of the lace, and can usually figure out any mistakes I make.  These are usually a missing yarn over or a stitch that should have been passed over and wasn't. 
I think I am going to love this shawl when its done. 
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