Friday, April 1, 2011

Shrieks in the Night Finished

I posted previously the small wee ball of yarn I managed to have left after finishing this shawl.  Due to the nature of the mobius with the double needles, it is impossible to know exactly how large or small it will be. In this case, I may have been able to make it smaller but I think it will work.
Gertie thought it was a bit long,  but with a shawl pin it will work nicely. 
I liked the look with a folded down collar, but then you don't have much back.  All in all, I love the color and the style.
And if you forgot the reason for the name, it comes from the name of the yarn color: Silver Streaks at Night.  And the fact that I originally planned to start it on Halloween.  The two just blended and became Shrieks in the Night.

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