Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Projects?

Yes, new projects are in my future.  As in immediate future. 
I knew I shouldn't have been on a "casting on" spree. 
Besides the Oatmeal Lozenge Shawl for Mohai in Motion to display at fiber shows, Betty has been busy dying some fiber for a jacket for her.  It should be a bulky weight all together, so I may be doing a two strand to knit with.  I am quite excited.  The pattern doesn't look too complicated, but the book it is in has some tricky techniques, so it should be fun.
I'm not quite sure if this jacket is for display or for her to wear, but either way, it should be fun, but possibly fussy, knitting.
Plus I am getting some comparable yarn that was custom dyed for me, out of the same fiber.  I can't wait to get the yarn for her project and mine. 

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