Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oatmeal Lozenge Done

Readers may remember way back on April 7 (just 3 weeks ago?) that I mentioned I had started another Loopy Lozenge shawl, after getting to keep the original Gilbert colored one.  I was working on other projects quite heavily, until I realized that I needed the needles from this to work on another new project.
So this past week, I got cracking.  And this evening, I was able to finish it.  And it was still light enough to get good pictures.
Here is a picture of Gertrude modeling both the Carmel Loopy and the Oatmeal Loopy.  The new one is the lighter side and is of just Oatmeal colored boucle, while the darker one is both Oatmeal and Caramel colored.  Both are knit double stranded.
And here isthe finished shot.  Gertrude said she wanted to keep it, but I told her we have to give it back to Betty and Evelyn for the fiber shows. 
Next--the starting of the alpaca silk jacket.  Now that I'm done with these needles.

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