Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look What The Wind Blew IN!

That is the only way I can explain it.  First, this leftover yarn from my blue cardigan leaped into my hand....
and the next thing I knew, I was casting on stitches and swatching and planning and plotting.  I had recently been thinking I needed another mug cozy, to keep either in my car or my purse.  Even with the little cardboard holders, or styrofoam cups,coffee could still burn through and burn my fingers.
And so--complete with one by one ribbing and little baby cables once per needle, I have a perfect mug cozy.  I made some modifications from the camo one I made this past winter.  I used larger needles and followed a pattern.  It also had a cable but 2X2 ribbing and not drawstring.  That was the best modification.  I had used that for this travel mug, my favorite, and it wouldn't stay put.  I simplet made a row of eyelets after two pattern rows and crocheted a chain to string through it so I can adjust it to fit mugs. 
I'm thinking it will also be good this summer, if I get a Diet Coke at a drive thru.  Not only will it keep the pop cold, but it will also keep my hand dry.  So it won't interfere with knitting or spinning.
I kept notes, but not sure if the pattern is worth writing up.  It is so easy.  But if I get comments or e-mail asking for the pattern, I may be able to be persuaded to add it.
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