Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spinning in The Candy Shop

This past Monday our Spinning Guild had to find a temporary home.  We usually meet at the Commission on Aging building.  But, being the fake Columbus Day (I hate these portable holidays that get moved around), we needed a different place to meet, because they were closed.
So the owner of our local yarn shop offered her shop The Old Farm Girl, even though on her winter hours she is now only open on Thursday through Saturday.  However she trustingly handed me the keys and told us to meet there.  She wouldn't be there, as she was getting ready for a trip to Rhinebeck for the fibery goodness there.  (Ahhh, be still my jealous heart.)
Still, I had the keys.  That's like handing a 6pack to an alcoholic.
We were good though.  I handled the sales book and  I think I had one of the best Monday salesday she's had in a while.  And not just me!
Oh, did I mention that she is always closed on Monday?

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