Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Close Call

We almost had no Knit Night this evening.  With the wind and rain, I decided to go through the side entrance, as it was closer to the car.  I unlocked the door and dashed in with my knitting and purse.  Leaving that on the table, I dashed back to the car, for my supper, remembering, just as the door latched shut that I needed to put a block in the door.
Digging  in pocket.  Oops. Keys are on the table.
Ok, I guess I will have to call my priest to come with a key.
Oops.  My cell phone is in my purse.   Next to the keys, on the table, on the inside.
I'll just unlock the basement I think, before remembering the whole problem with the keys was that they were inside and I wasn't.
But I tried the basement door.  And it opened!
Quick as a flash, I scooted down the stairs through the basement and back upstairs.
Knit Night saved!

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