Monday, October 4, 2010


This past Friday, while doing bunny chores, I tripped over a hole in the side driveway and twisted my ankle.  Owch!

As a result, not much gadding and lots of knitting was done over the course of the weekend.  Lots of sitting with the foot up was done as well. 

While I am doing better, and have an extra half sock done (plus a sizable amount of green wallaby), not a whole lot in the way of outside activities were accomplished.  I didn't get any "fun shopping" done, although I managed to take about 2 hours to get 1 hours worth of groceries bought.  Didn't take any side trips or visits to the local yarn shop.  Just hobbled around with a cane from room to room for the most part.

Having Fridays off from work isn't working out too well.

I am doing better, but for the most part, still keeping my cane very handy.

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