Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Someone Out There Reads Me!

Recently I posted that I had twisted and sprained my ankle.  Its been a couple of weeks almost and I am doing much better.  IF I behave myself.  One of the things that has been somewhat neglected was this blog, unfortunately.
 Since I use my laptop at home, while sitting in my comfy rocker with my feet up, I just could not manage to get interested in blogging with the extra weight on my lap and legs.
However I was delighted to get a plaintive e-mail from a friend, who need her "Farmmom fix." 
I must admit, I was tempted to let her have a nervous breakdown, and see if I could finagle my way into her spot helping a vendor this weekend in Rhinebeck.
However my more honest self prevailed and I managed the previous post, just to help her out. 
That said however--in case there are any other anxious readers out there, (Hello?  Anyone there?) I decide that I should mention I did try to post something Sunday, but was unable.
Out in the rural areas of the country, beyond DSL and High Speed connections lives a thing called Dial-Up.  That is what I use to post.  Usually I can still post fairly quickly, even if posting pictures.  However on Sunday, as I tried to post my recent Finished Objects, there was apparently a Windows update going on in he background.  I didn't know until I was shutting down and there it was, waiting to install. Windows updates hog a lot of the dial-up capability. 
So, real soon I hope to get pictures of the latest finished objects posted.
Just not right now.
Am I forgiven?

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I faithfully read your blog :) it's great! I have it linked on my blog so I always know when you make a new post. I was starting to wonder where you were.

I have dial-up too, it's such a pain :( the down side to country living.