Friday, October 29, 2010

Shrieks in the Night

While the wind had been shrieking in the night recently, that isn't what I am referring to. 
I found some wonderful yarn while stash diving last night--it is black Lambs Pride with just a hint of shading.  The color is called "Silver Streaks in the Night".  Isn't that a great name?  There is just a subtle bit of shading visible in the skeins, but I could see more when I swatched. And yes I did swatch.  It wasn't really necessary for the pattern, but I wanted to find the right needles to give me the fabric I wanted.
I am going to learn to make a Mobius shawl, ala Cat Bordhi, using this yarn.  Since it is nearly Halloween, I decided to call my shawl, in honor of the date and the colorway--Shrieks in the Night!  (insert appropriate witch's cackle here.)
I have made a Mobius before, which I absolutely love, but I just knitted a long scarf, and then did a three needle bind-off to join the ends.  This time I am gong to do a seamless one.  I want to make this one a bit shorter, and be able to wear it primarily as a shoulder shawl.
Off to my class soon, and pictures will soon follow.
Assuming I can figure out the cast on..

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