Sunday, October 17, 2010

Politically Incorrect Moment

Now, I never claimed to be a politically correct type of person.  I favor the practical, and so I could never see the appeal of those dinky little cars like a Mini Cooper.   I mean where do you put your stuff?
My dream car was never a Mustang, or some zippy little thing.  Not that I wanted a Caddy or a Lincoln, just something with some room.
 And some heft to it.  Here in Michigan, winter roads can be icy and full of drifts.  Summer roads are dusty, and full of orange cones.  And the potholes...well they are year round. 
I don't want an SUV.  If I'm talking dream car....give me a tricked out mini-van. Gotta have AC, AM-FM and CD player.
Oh yeah, and room.  Room for kids, groceries, spinning wheels and fiber. Where do you pack those things in  cute little Mini or even a VW Bug?
Now that said, I think you can under stand why I was laughing hysterically in my car as I was ready to leave work on Main Street this past week and saw this across the street. .
What is this, a clown car?  A toy?  Where do you put your feet, let alone kids and groceries?
And let's not even think about a spinning wheel.

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