Friday, October 22, 2010

Sock Tales

As though I didn't have enough projects clogging up my needles, I dove into the stash and came up with this. 
I love my two pairs of socks out of this yarn and want more
Mochi is a single with a slow color change that is impossible to match from sock.  If you can't life with that, you can't make socks out of this yarn.  But, the comfort of these socks, soft and surprising durable for a single ply, are wonderful.  I have another couple of balls, in pastel eastery colors yet to knit up.  My absolute favorite socks.  So of course, I cast on for another pair last Tuesday.
These socks were started back in May, but were back burner until I finished my last pair of Mochi socks.  These are technically my second string socks, with the ones above, third in priority.  But since the main socks require following a chart (toe up blue gansey socks), this pair and the Mochi socks are simple brainless socks, and great for travel knitting.  And for waiting.  Since I had some waiting to do, this just hit the spot.
And just for fun, instead of the usual slip stitch heel, I changed it up and made it an eye of partridge heel. I like the look with the slip stitches alternating on knit rows to give more of a diagonal look, instead of a ribbing look.
I am so easily amused.

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