Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

But not a drop to drink.

After a great day Saturday, I came home and added more chili powder to the crock pot.

After supper, I rinsed out the chili pot and Hubby went out to fill cattle water tanks.

A little later, in he came. "What did you do to the water?"

ME? I did nothing. But lo and behold, no water. None in the kitchen, none in the tub, and none, (Yikes!) in the toilet.

Lots of water in the pasture, lots in the ditch out back of the hay field. Lots by the tube under the road. None in our faucets.

Hubby called plumber, left message.

I take my pills with V8 juice. While its good alone, not great with metformin. I decided to pass on brushing my teeth with V8.

Next day, missed church. Still no water. Later Hubby and I head to friends farm. I got 2 gallons of water for consumption. He got a couple big (about 20 gallon?) tanks of water for animals and bathroom.

Ahhhhh, no more fuzzy teeth. Minty fresh. After a sponge bath, I feel almost human.

Monday at 8:00 plumber calls. Finally at noon yesterday, we got water. The cause? A bug (critter, not electronic type) in the switch.

Ain't mother nature wonderful?

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