Monday, March 29, 2010

Spin In-Knit In

Saturday Sue Ann from our Wooly Friends Spinning Guild organized a gettogether for spinning, knitting and just having fun.
We had a goodly crowd. And quite a variety of spindles and wheels. Several Louets, a couple Kiwi's, a Traveler...
A couple Joys, a Ladybug and more. Christine's granddaughter stopped for a visit. We even had our personal "sherpa" James who worked for the hotel and fetched and carried, directed traffic and was generally amazed at the whole fibery craziness. I can just imagine what he would think about SOAR or even the Allegan Fiber Festival.
While some of us were just there to spin and visit, we also had some vendors like Sue Ann with fiber and handspun yarn. We also had some of the handdyed/handspun of Angie, and Sheila's handspun and fibers. I got some of that green/gold sock yarn of Angies, some of Sue Ann's blended handdyed fiber and some light gray shetland from Sheila.
Amongst the general din there was much showing off of hand knits. Here Evonne models her linen sweater. Lovely.
Mary had another of her handknit, hand spun items. Angie is showing her punched/hooked project.
There was some serious coveting going on.
Just ask Evelyn about her love affair with Tito. Mmmmmmmmm.

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