Thursday, March 4, 2010

FarmMom Gets Hopping

A new experience for FarmMom this Saturday.
I have been the the big agricultural arena at Michigan State University called the Pavilion several times. Hubby and I have attended the Beef Expo, and brought home some animals for our herd. I have also visited there when my sons and some of their friends were there for Dairy Days. We don't have dairy cattle ourselves, but we have "hung out" with dairy farmers a lot.
But this weekend, I will be attending a Rabbit show there.
No, Frankie will be staying home but I will be riding down with Christine, one of my fellow Spin Guilder members. She has horses, alpacas, sheep, one rescue llama, and bunnies--several varieties--both eating and showing. I know she has Satin Angoras, which are my favorite.
She is showing and I am tagging along. And keeping her awake.
I have to be at her house (about a half hour drive or so) at (Lord help me!!) 4:45 AM.
On related note, I will try to post a picture of me in the Pink Lady, as well as show some pictures of my new sweater I've started. I have knit past the 4 row stripe above the ribbing and I love it.

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