Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweater Tales

Pink Lady in all her glory:

Analysis: I started the sweater back when I still didn't believe that if I swatched carefully and added just a couple inches, that it would fit. This is big, but comfy. I added an extra 7 stitches under each sleeve, and I believe that was after adding ease when I was increasing the yoke. But like I said it is comfy. If I make another, It will be smaller sleeves for sure. Possibly even sleeveless. I saw one on Ravelry that was made into a vest and it looked very nice.

And on the new project front, here is the yarn I am using for the new sweater I mentioned. It is one piece and I have four inches already, after casting on Tuesday. Remember that it takes a bunch of stitches to get around me. This time though, I think I have the ease thing under more control.

The multicolor is my handspun falklands and Cherry Tree Hill top in the cool colorway. I split it multiple times when spinning to preserve multiple color changes. One of them match the heather yarn perfectly.
And it is the perfect thing to work on while I wait for the worsted weight Knit Picks Shine to come that I am using to make my niece a nursing shaw.
Like I need an excuse to start something new.

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