Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SHHHH--Don't Tell Anyone

You know how sometimes you can be cruising along, thinking life is good?
Or if not good, (what with under-employment, the economy and a boom-a-rang child among other joys of life) at least fairly tolerable?
That was me last week. I'm bopping along, knitting, spinning, playing with dog and bunny when out of the blue it hit me.
I'm going to be 59 years old this year. Holy Crap!
Now you got to realize that, all along, I never minded turning 30, 40, or even 50. It was 29, 39, 49 that bugged me. (It always sounds like you're lying about your age.)
Especially 49. On the same day, my 49th birthday, I got an invite in the mail to join AARP ( I was too young to be eligible!) And asked at the grocery store if I qualified for the Senior Discount. (I was honest, I didn't want to be carded.). AND worse off all, a coupon for Depends. (Never mind whether or not I need them--it's the thought here.)
Talk about a depressing birthday.
And now this year, here comes another one of those loser Niner years.
Life is the pits.

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