Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost Done

I have almost finished the rose green cardigan. After a shaky start (crowded stitches, and the cable pulling off the needle), it is working well. I find that it isn't too bad. I just handle one yarn with each hand, throwing the purl stitches with my right, and picking the knit stitches with my left. Hey at this rate, I could just learn to knit continental. The buttonholes seemed to work well, although I may do them a little differently next time. All I have to do is the last half row on the button band, and then cast off, buttons and weave in ends. And since most of the ends are taken care of, I will be wearing it soon.
Next up, in the shades of pink shown is the February Lady Sweater in Pink Fantastic Lanaloft worsted. I swatched last night and should be casting on tonight or tomorrow.
Super Bowl is today, but my mind is on the Turner Classic Movies 31 days of Oscar that began today. So far I've seen a Jack Benny film and now am watching Rosalind Russel/Fred McMurray movie called Take A Letter, Darling where Fred plays her secretary.
Well, back to knitting.

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Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog via ravelry. I am very impressed by your work! I am a young modern knitter living in Muskegon and I have never really looked into spinning although my knitting club (my high school has a knitting club) has mentioned it in passing. So thank you for showing me that their are other intense knitters like myself out their!