Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Weekend Events

I forgot to mention (or was distracted) last weekends events. 
Friday was Spinning Guild.  We had huge mob of people and we were lining the walls.  There was a special appearance of the baby bunnies, who after weaning themselves were heading off to their new homes.  I wanted to get pictures, and was beating myself for forgetting my camera.  The seven little bunnies were a hit, and were amazingly bigger than they had been the week before, when a few of them had come for a visit.
We had Allison (AKA The Pygora Lady) looking at wheels and bartering some pygora for spinning.  She also had extra to sell and I bought another ounce, of type b again I think and in a dark gray.
Kelly, the first Momma of my Sadie, came to visit, spin and collect three of the bunnies. 
We spun and laughted and had a great time.
Sunday was Annual Meeting.  I sucessfully managed to avoid being on the vestry again.  There are some parishioners who need to be on vestry for a while I think.  They were asking questions that I learned the answers to while on vestry.  And I thought the treasurers report had just gone right over my head all those meetings!.
And again, I forgot my camera.


Roger said...

I lament with your vestry observations. You have put in your time :) I have served for four years, and need to move to something else. It was so good to see you on Sunday!

D Wright said...

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