Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hard at Work

When I came to work on Tuesday, my supervisor was out. Apparently while helping another co-worker move books they had to use the steps because the elevator was being serviced. She fell and apparently chipped a bone. Now I hear they also found some cracks and want to keep her off her foot till next week. We are hoping that she can persuade the director to have me substitute in the Local History room tomorrow for her. Normally I have Fridays off, and I go to Spinning. But if I can get 7 hours of extra work, I'll give that up in a moment.
Still waiting to hear.
In the mean time--no pictures yet, but I am going great guns on the peony pink/green sock that I started Monday. Using a 2.5mm--a size 1.5 sure seems to be going quicker than my usual ones. The yarn was thicker so I am still getting tight stitches at a gauge of 7.5 stitches to the inch. I will get a picture to post soon. I started the heel flap last night. I kind of want to see how fast I can finish a pair, if I knit exclusively on them. I do like the Mini Mochi yarn. It is a single ply, and fuzzy and soft. I think the socks will be a favorite when finished.
I will go back to the February Pink Lady sweater this weekend. I need to finish before it gets too warm to wear.

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