Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rose Green Meets Pink Lady

Ok, here is the picture I promised of my Rose Green Cardigan. I do like it.

It was funny--I wore it to Knit Nite to brag, and there was Rachel in her new sweater that she finished this past week.

And Cindy, pictured trying to decide between 2 yarn cones, was wearing a sweater she was working on a few weeks ago.

And lo and behold......Jane actually FINISHED A PROJECT!!! So much for my bragging!

All in all we were a happy productive bunch. I was knitting away on my February Pink Lady sweater. I am rolling along and spent tonight (before blogging) trying to decide what I need to take with me for my car knitting Saturday. Extra markers, spare cables, smooth yarn for a safety line. Maybe even an extra project like some socks in case something throws a stopping block in the sweater. And my audio books on MP3, since I will be in the back seat alone most of the way.
And maybe a puzzle book.
And .....
Can you tell I like to be prepared for all contingencies?
Anyway, here is a picture of the February Pink Lady as she sits tonight.

Jane's book, Maidenshawl is out and Knit Michigan is having a book signing with her and Marla, who designed the shawl pattern in it. Rachel, and I are driving Jane there, and Cindy is going to meet us there. We are her entourage. Or as I like to call us, her posse.

At least there is no blizzard in the forecast like there was the last time we went there.

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