Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whole Lot of Knitting Going On

One thing you can say about being employed only part time--as long as you have a good sized stash, you can get a whole lot of knitting done.

I FINALLY finished the blue socks I had started ages ago--last September. So comfy, and warm. Loved this color way I got from Arbor Yarns.
I already started a new pair, although I still have a solid pink pair on the needles. Those are in a mini cable type pattern. I started using the new yarn I purchased a few weeks ago at Knit Michigan. The yarn is a luscious soft fuzzy single in a peony pink and green.

As always, more pictures are on Ravelry if you are interested--my ID is farmmom.

Then I frogged my MaidenShawl. I loved the yarn, but it just was not working with the pattern. I now have a lovely wine colored kettle-dyed wool/silk blend that I cast on last night. I added markers as I cast on. It made counting the stitches much easier. I got the yarn from knittindiva's Etsy shop. I love that place.
The color on the picture is pretty accurate. I think it will work great with the pattern.
I even got some different buttons for my February Pink Lady. I made a conscious effort to ignore it this past couple days. I had the push on to finish old socks, start new, and re-start my MaidenShawl. But I have done a couple pattern repeats beyond the sleeves and think all is going well. I also got Gertrude patched up this past weekend so she is good to go as well.
What do you think of the buttons? I am leaning toward the pinkish one, which is much darker, but matches perfectly. The pewter ones will be added to the button stash for a future project.

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