Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Returns, and Knitting Goes On

Snow, cold, knitting, NASCAR, reading, old movies, and more knitting.
Hubby went to an auction sale today, in the cold and blowy weather. I stay home and depending on how you look at it I accomplished little or accomplished much. I read through an entire mystery book. I worked on the February Pink Lady, and now that the arms are on hold, I can finish a row much faster. My old standby, Turner Classic Movies theme was American History Department. I saw the end of "30 Seconds Over Tokyo with Van Johnson this morning, and am relishing "They Were Expendable" with John Wayne now.
I also found time to mend Gertrude. I think her problem was that I was being stingy with the duct tape when I taped up the back seam. I used good healthy strips of tape this time after putting Gertie on a diet and removing some of her stuffing. Hopefully this time she won't bust out her back again.

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Angie J said...

Hey isn't this the first weekend? I'm ready to send the snow back with the neighbours. Told them they could have it all.

I've been playing on my newest spindle from a swap (A Bossie spins like a dream), and tending the stove.

Now today I get to try and shovel my way out since the snowblower guy is home sick and his tractor is sick.