Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knit Michigan and NASCAR

Yesterday Rachel and I drove Jane, our favorite celebrated author to Knit Michigan in Bloomfield Hills. Her book, Maidenshawl, is out and she and the shawl designer Marla Mutch were doing a book signing there. What fun!

They did well, especially considering that the publicity in some of Interweave magazines hasn't even hit the stands yet. We had a good time.

There were lots of people there, although we did not stay for the marathon like we did a couple years ago.

I got some new sock yarn brands I have been wanting to try, Noro and Mini Muchi. I also got a couple new shawl patterns. So much yarn, so little time.

It was a warm sunny day too. Lots of snow melted. :-(

BUT, NASCAR was on when I got home and if the boys are racing, life is good.

And hey, my man, Mark Martin was lined up for (last I knew today) in the front row for the Daytona 500 next weekend.

Life is Good.

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