Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spinning Tales

I have been taking the wheels out for a spin recently. I had the louet out and spun up quite a bit of the rose gray alpaca. Then last Tuesday night, I took my portable wheel, since Knit Nite is sort of a mix of anything goes. I dug the light gray Shetland out of the trunk, (you would be amazed at the stash I have just in the car,) and my Ashford Joy and spun up quite a bit of that. I already have one bobbin done and want to ply and skein that off on the Louet. I also have been plugging away on my Thomas Forrester drop spindle and the superwash. I may take that to Knit Nite next week. I find it hard to spin on the drop spindle when a puppy is waiting to jump on your lap.

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