Friday, April 4, 2008

Beutiful Day in the Country

What a glorious morning yesterday. I forgot to make mention of it.
When letting my “big tough farm dog”—a 12 lb poodle out for a morning kitty chase yesterday it was gorgeous. Sun shining. And the sounds!! What appeared to be a pair of mourning doves lurking around near the garage. Geese out in the far hay field, honking and fighting. A pair of ducks quacking as they took off from the not yet dry pond in the pasture.
Later,I was watching one of the mama barn cats scale a wall in the barn to drop behind a panel to where she apparently had the first of this years crop of kittens. Meanwhile, Old Mama kitty is waddling around like she swallowed a watermelon crossway. And the calves frolic in the pasture—and the garden. It seems the 120 pounder still is able to walk below the fence line without touching the electric wire, so we frequently find him in the garden or hayfield.
A good evening knitting as I am almost ready for heel flap on the blue/green pair of socks, as well as several rows on the Cinnamon Swirl wrap. I’ll have to get pictures to post of both those.

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