Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lake Hagen

Oh yeah--in terms of just general life--we have been drench with rain in the last few days. Lake Hagen is making another appearance in the pasture. This picture was taken 4 years ago, when our former neighbor decided to block the drainage ditch that flowed from the pasture through the back of his property. It has been corrected by the new owner, and right now the rain is too fast for the ditch to keep up with. The picture looks much like today though, just a little greener. Our one hay field we affectionately call the swamp had a similar look to it last night, but is way down this morning.
Also, am waiting to hear for news on my cousin. I got word last night that she was speeding to Detroit for a liver transplant. Please pray for her.

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BammerKT said...

Hi, I wanted to let you now that my family will be praying for your cousin. You are in a Ravelry group that I'm in too (a spinning one) and I noticed you were from Western michigan. Me too!

I'll bookmark your blog to check back later.